Cast List

Among the Star Wars regulars who show up from time to time, we meet the following:

Introduced in Episode I

  Name: Chezz Traykar
Status: Captain of The Wild Thing
  Name: Sonro Lyan
Status: Co-Pilot & Engineer of The Wild Thing

Name: R8-D21 (Arate)
Status: Chezz Traykar's astrodroid

Status: Jedi Master
  Name: Sian
Status: Sith

Introduced in Episode II

  Name: Kah-Rohlyn
Status: When we first meet her, she is a captive of the Empire...
  Name Salogel Odnalro:
Status: Captain of Firebird & a Boreanazian
  Name: Tolk
Status: Co-Pilot of Firebird
  Name: Ella
Status: A "friend" of Biggs Darklighter
  Name: Andi
Status: Another "friend" of Biggs Darklighter
  Name: Triona Elyob
Status: The daughter of a diplomat who visits Tatooine...
  Name: Captain Errol Gray
Status: Captain of a Trade Federation ship

Introduced in Episode III

  Name: Ffoeg Traykar
Status: Chezz's dad, trader in used ships