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Further Updates

Well it took a while but the site has been updated further. All the "Chezz Traykar" stories are in the one folder now & been reduced down to a single PDF for each episode. The front page has been changed to cover the new content & I've removed a couple of other pages that weren't needed. Now I just need to finish creating Episode 4 of "Survivor" before the current episode ends! Wish me luck...

Long overdue update

Eeep! Has it been THAT long since I updated this thing!?!?
Anyway.... as you may have noticed, there's a new page on my site, a new story has begun. Not Star Wars this time but still sci-fi. Not wanting to give anything away so you have to read it yourself.
In these days of script leaks, photos on set, net-gossip, etc, by the time we get to the cinema to see the latest release, we feel we have already seen the movie. Hopefully as you read this story, the only way you'll know what's coming next is if you work it out for yourself. We'll see how that goes.
So, enjoy!

May the 4th be with you!

Yes, it's Star Wars Day again! This year I'm running a competition of sorts where YOU can appear in the next episode of the Chezz Tarykar Saga. Send me detail of what you Star Wars alter ego would have been doing around the time of A New Hope & the best will be included. PLEASE don't send me stories of how you took over Lukes X- Wing & it was actually YOU who destroyed the Death Star! The film remains as is, my story will be taking place in the background of A New Hope without changing that story. Any questions, drop me an email.
Have fun, and May the 4th Be With You!


OK, it's been a while since my last blog entry but there is news on the horizon. The more observant among you might have noticed that an announcement is planned for next Monday. Log in then & find out what I have planned next. :-)

The saga continues

After a VERY long delay, Episode IV is now continuing! Sorry for the extended break folks! It's just like the American writers strike all over again! lol. Anyway, keep watching the site for daily updates.

I aintínt ded!

Like Granny Weatherwax says, "I aintínt ded!" Just busy.

The more alert among you may have noticed Episode IV ended rather abruptly, however there IS more to come! I've just got caught up in other stuff & need to finish the ending. 10 more pages are now ready to upload but I am holding off until it's finished before I start posting them again. Watch this space!

Hello world!

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I added a new feature to my site called Google Analytics which can show me information about how people get to my site, be it direct link or referals. It also tells me what country they're in. Makes interesting reading! Seems I've had visitors from Canada, America, Australia, Argentina, Philippines and of course the UK. But don't worry! I'm not spying on you! All it tells me is the country, not your actual address! :-)

The Return

Well, the day has arrived & Episode IV has been launched. The story shall be emailed to those on the mailing list a page at a time as before but this time it shall also appear on the site. After about 20 odd pages, these individual graphics will be replaced with a pdf file as before. Enjoy!

Episode IV: Death Star Rising

Fingers crossed, it looks like the release date WILL be December 27th. Just finished page 61 and getting to the bit where..... Nah, not going to tell you. You'll need to wait & see! Indroducing a few new characters with this one, plus a few more revelations. As always, keep your eyes on the background as I've included a couple of in jokes. (Who missed the pod from the film "2001" that appeared in Episode III? It was right next to the lightcycle from Tron!) Stay tuned for updates.

Progress Update

Hi folks,

I know it's been a while since my last blog, Chezz Traykar and some new friends have been exploring a galaxy far, far away in the game Star Wars Galaxies. Been playing that a lot these past few months hence no real progress on episode IV. Until now! That's right, I'm back at work on the next chapter and hope to have it ready in a few months. Stay tuned for updates & more teaser trailers. Fingers crossed, I might have it ready for Christmas.

May the Fourth be with you!

Yes, it's Star Wars Day again and this time I have some good news! At last I have the art program I use working & I can return to creating more of the graphic novel! Not sure of a release date as yet but I'll keep you posted. For now, click here  for the latest trailer AND to find out what Episode IV will be called! Watch this space...

Short Star Wars

Want to watch Star Wars but don't have the time? Here is the solution, Star Dudes!

For my Christmas list...

If anyone out there is looking for ideas for a present for me, what about THIS?

Not too much to ask for, is it? :-)

More added to the site

Just added The Gallery, featuring some stuff I did with Poser a few years ago. This was not long after The Phantom Menace came out & we were all looking forward to Episode II. Enjoy!

Good news, bad news...

It's been a while so I thought I'd add to my blog. First the good news, the number of visitors to this site has now passed the 3,000 mark! Thanks to all who have made this possible. Now the bad news, some unmentionable half wit has decided to hit me with a spambot. I'm getting hundreds of fake returned email messages which I'm deleting as often as I can. Genuine email might end up getting lost in this so for now I'm going to remove the contact me page from the site. If you wish to contact me, leave a message in the guest book or email me at one of my other email addresses if you know them.

In other news, I'm planning a major PC upgrade in the coming weeks so I'm hoping to get Poser working again soon. There WILL be an Episode IV, it's just a case of when. Watch this space...

I'm still here!

Summer has been & gone and by now you might have noticed, no Episode IV. Following my PC crash, I've had major problems with the software I use to create the graphic novel in that it won't run for more than a couple of minutes without the whole thing rebooting! There WILL be an episode IV but not sure when, pages 1 to 27 are complete. It may involve a rebuilding of my PC as someone suggested the problem might be overheating. We'll just need to wait & see.


I FINALLY managed to get Knights of the Old Republic working on my PC!! WOO HOO!!! Had the game for at least a year & only just got it working now. Seems it didn't like my video card but with the patch, it's running fine.The Ebon Hawk isn't as fast as The Wild Thing but it'll do for me! :-) I've been playing as a character called Chezz Traykar (must be an ancestor). Needless to say, this has caused a delay in the graphic novel....

BTW, this site has just past the 1000 visitors mark! Thank you to all who made this possible!


Well, after about a fortnight of panic, I've got most of my files back. It looks like all the graphic novel stuff is OK but there's a pile of personal stuff still inaccessible. So far! It's been a bit of a setback but I think we're still on for a summer release of Star Wars: The Chezz Traykar Saga: Episode IV: Title Pending

May the 4th

May the Fourth be with you!

PC is back online! PHEW!

Disaster Strikes

Is this the work of the Empire? I don't know but my PC is currently SNAFU! Logging this on another machine to let you know there might be a delay in updates for a bit. At least till I get my *&^*& machine working again! I'm hoping to rescue my files or I'll have to start Episode IV from scratch which is something I really don't want to think about! If you have emailed me in the last few days & wondered why you've not got a reply, this is why. Stay tuned....

How does he do that?

I've had a couple of people ask how I create the images used in this graphic novel. Here's the answer: a piece of software called Poser. It's been around for a few years now & there's been a few updates from the version 4 I have. Using this, I load up models created by some very talented 3D model makers out there in internet land (see links page for details) and with a click of the mouse & some patience, you have a picture. Then I do it all over again for the next frame. And the next...

I hope this has been of some help.

Episode IV

No, it's not ready yet! :-) Going to be sometime in the summer. However, I've been doing some more work on it this morning & got a couple more pages done. Keep checking back at the site & I might even reveal what the title is going to be! If you want to be added to the mailing list, send us your email address.


Not many updates over the last few days, just tweaks here & there. I've been monitoring the traffic through my site & it's got me wondering: who are all you people? Did I email you about the site & you're checking it out? Did someone else tell you about it? Did you find it through a search engine? Let me know either via the Contact Form or Guest Book.

More updates

Yes, I've changed the Links page a bit & added another link. I've also started on the Information page which is now called the Introduction page and I've moved it to the top. More coming there later. Watch this space for update news.


Well, I finally got around to fixing the home page & you should now be seeing the opening crawl in all its glory. Thanks to Claire for that! Yes it's a bit jerky but I tried to make it smoother & the file was over a meg! No use for pasting into the first page! My next task will be to put entries in the Information page, explaining what all this is about, introducing the characters to the newcomers, etc. Watch this space

The beginning

A good place to start.

Set this page up a few days ago so thought I'd better put something on it. Here goes!

On a Star Wars note, type "Mimas" into Google & check the images...

That's no space station, that's a moon!

First pictures came in after Episode IV, must have been a shock for the NASA guys! :-)

Spooky, eh?

More later....

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